Learning through collaboration

Experience shapes the way we live our lives. Some experiences change our lives for the better, whilst others create new challenges that we must overcome. By combining our skills, experience and resources, educators, policy-makers and industry movers of all shapes and sizes have the potential to resolve some of the world's most pressing problems.

Our collaborations make a lasting contribution to society. By uniting our strengths in research, teaching and enterprise with the strengths of industry, we can create innovative solutions to a range of modern issues affecting the world we live in.

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From inspiring research collaborations to live projects between students and industry, we are transforming the way universities and organisations interact with each other, closing the gap between industry and academia.

Students and organisations can get involved in a range of collaborative activities. Our whole campus in-curriculum opportunity is our Collaborate programme consisting of the following pathways:

  • The Collaborative Project – students from all seven institutes work in small teams on a brief posed by an external organisation
  • The Collaborative Dissertation – individual students from all disciplines have the option to apply to work on a research question that has been developed by an external organisation or they have personally sourced, for their dissertation thesis. This can happen while the student is placed inside the organisation (internship-based) or remotely (project-based).

The Collaboration Symposium

As part of the University's Collaborate activities, The Collaboration Symposium is a series of conversations and writings convened by The Social Capital and Loughborough University London. The Symposium focusses on surfacing and curating real world insights, thoughts and discussion around the many facets, intricacies and mysteries of the assumed process of collaboration, bringing together global leaders, trailblazers and all-round great people working in this space.

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