Collaborate with Loughborough University London


Interested in working with Loughborough University London and our talented cohort of postgraduate students?

This event will bring together organisations interested in learning how to get involved in our Collaborate programme.

What is Collaborate?

Our Collaborate programme is a whole campus in-curriculum opportunity consisting of the following pathways:

The Collaborative Project

A module master's students from all seven institutes undertake, working in small teams on a brief posed by an external organisation.

The Collaborative Dissertation

Individual students from all disciplines have the option to apply to work on a research question that has been developed by an external organisation or they have personally sourced, for their dissertation thesis. This can happen while the student is placed inside the organisation (internship-based) or remotely (project-based).

Why Collaborate with Loughborough University London?

Loughborough University London seeks to make a lasting contribution to society by creating innovative solutions to a range of issues affecting the modern world. We ensure our students learn from influential thought leaders, pioneering researchers and creative innovators to ensure they are engaged with the very latest developments from within their sector. By building collaborations with organisations and individuals, our students' studies are led by real-world issues and genuine industry challenges to help prepare them for the working world. By participating in our Collaborate activities, you will:

  • Access and benefit from our innovative collaborative community
  • Gain innovative insights and direction
  • Gain access to bright new talent

This event will provide information for organisations and prospective partners on the Collaborate opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

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