Sid Panayi

The Consequences of Brexit on the UK Sport Sector.

Sid Panayi

Having previously completed an MSc at Loughborough London, Sid has returned as an ISB PhD student alongside other academic commitments.

Sid is a lecturer in Sport at the University of East London. He previously completed an MSc in Sport Analytics at Loughborough London achieving a distinction grade. Sid also has experience working in elite football for Arsenal WFC and West Ham United.

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PhD research description

Sid’s research is evaluating the impact that Brexit has had on the UK Sports sector. This includes measuring the effect on athlete and staff employment, understanding stakeholder’s views, as well as determining whether or not there has been a greater influence across different levels of UK Sports. 

PhD supervisors

Dr Daniel Read, Dr Tim Oliver, Dr Borja Garcia

Awards, grants or scholarships received

PhD Fee-Waiver Scholarship