Alicja Prochniak

The role and function of political myths and their impact on foreign policy.

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In her investigation into the role of myths in political discourses and narratives, Alicja combines knowledge and expertise from the field of International Relations, Security Studies, Communication, Sociology, Politics and Political Psychology.

Alicja is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London. She holds a BA in Journalism and Media and an MA in International Security and Global Governance from Birkbeck, University of London.

PhD research description

Drawing from the critical theory approach, Alicja is currently examining how political myths function together with discourses, narratives and how they enhance the effectiveness of carried messages. Her investigation will help to understand how myths are functioning in political debate and how they impact foreign policy choices. Her proposed research combines the use of a wide spectrum of academic concepts and theories. Alicja also strives to find out how to incorporate the outcomes of her research into foreign policy analysis and conflict analysis.

Today it is still not commonly understood how narratives and political myths work and correlate with each other. Therefore, further academic research in this area is required. Further academic scrutiny into role, functions and the effects of political myths is essential so the nature of the correlation and its effects on diplomatic relations can be better understood. The establishment of The Three Seas Initiative in Easter Europe was the foundation of her PhD studies.

Areas of academic interest:

  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Critical Theory
  • Critical Security Studies
  • International Security
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Communication Studies
  • International Political Economy
  • International Political Sociology
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PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Alicja was awarded a studentship to pursue her PhD at Loughborough University London.

Interests and activities

Alicja loves biking and art. In free time she relaxes by producing graphic design. On weekends, she meets with friends and loved ones, enjoys picnics or visits art galleries looking for inspiration. She loves to travel and getting know different cultures - especially local cuisine.

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