Newly published Special Issue on Sustainable Design Education and Implementation

Dr. Ksenija Kuzmina, Lecturer at the Institute for Design Innovation, Loughborough University London, and Dr. Vicky Lofthouse, Senior Lecturer at the School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughboorugh University had a pleasure of being invited as the guest editors on an open-access Special Issue for Sustainability journal, entitled Sustainable Design Education in Higher Education and Implementation.

The Special Issue provides and overview of innovative research and practice in sustainable design education and its implication for a formal learning environment, gathering nine empirical case studies. The issue comments on the intersection between sustainability and design literacies, student learning experience, and universities as sites for sustainable pedagogical interventions.
An original editorial by Dr. Kuzmina and Dr. Lofthouse can be found here
Full articles can be found here.
For full bio and ongoing research activities please access the link here for Dr. Kuzmina and here for Dr. Lofthouse.