Loughborough University London Ignites Collaborations for 2022-23

November saw Loughborough University London’s Future Space team host its latest event to connect students, staff and partner organisations to spark collaborations.

More than 100 students, organisations and staff came together from around the world to look at seeding new collaborations and projects.

The event is the starting point for activities for the Collaborative Dissertation for this year’s set of postgraduate students. The Collaborative Dissertation is a whole campus opportunity. Students can opt to explore completing their dissertation in collaboration with an external Partner Organisation.

To help ignite conversations and connections the event saw speakers from Sports Interactive, and IBM take to the floor to share their experiences of previous collaborations.

Ashley Gray, Learning Partnerships Manager at Loughborough University London said “Connecting organisations with the knowledge, talent and ideas to create new collaborations is part of our DNA at Loughborough. I want to thank those that have joined the conversation and encourage others to do the same. It was awesome to be back in person for this event and I am looking forward to seeing how collaborations ignite as we go through the year.

Collaborate Dissertation is a free-to-collaborate opportunity. 2021-22 organisations such as Formula E, Ogilvy, Ring Central and Chelsea FC were involved with over 87 collaborative opportunities offered to students. These projects have helped these organisations to explore new areas of research and allow frictionless knowledge exchange with academics here at Loughborough. They have also connected them with highly talented and sought-after Loughborough University London graduates.

Students, organisations and staff have until 15 January 2023 to continue the connections for collaboration. Prospective Collaborating Organisations can also propose research questions to the whole student cohort. Interested students will then be able to respond back with a video pitch to help decide whether to commence a collaboration.

To join Collaborative Dissertation as a Partner Organisation this year, a short research question can be proposed through this form here. In addition, a pre-submission exploratory call can also be arranged here. Proposals are required by the 15 January 2023. Organisations can submit at any time up to this date.

Organisations wanting to propose a new research challenge should register their potential project on our website.

Applications close on 15 January 2023.

To find out more about Collaborate, please visit our web page.

For further enquiries, please contact collaborate@lboro.ac.uk.

An image of students sitting down, listening to the speakers at the Collaborate Ignition event