Dr Sharon Prendeville joins the Design Museum’s Future Observatory Research Steering Group

Sharon Prendeville

Dr Sharon Prendeville, Institute for Design Innovation, has been invited to join the Design Museum’s Future Observatory steering group.

We are delighted to announce that Dr Sharon Prendeville, Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Design Innovation and Loughborough University London's Deputy Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, has been invited to join the Design Museum's Future Observatory Research Steering group.

The Future Observatory, launched in 2021, is the United Kingdom's leading initiative for cutting-edge design research and innovation in response to the urgent climate crisis. With a focus on supporting the country's green transition, the programme is responsible for allocating £25 million in research funding over three years, generously provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

In her role, Dr Prendeville will contribute her expertise and insights towards shaping the direction of UK design research funding, particularly in relation to green transitions. So far, the role has involved actively participating in appointing, supporting, and mentoring grantees, ensuring that the future of design research aligns with the pressing environmental challenges we face.

Reflecting on her appointment, Dr Prendeville expressed her enthusiasm, stating:

"Joining the steering group presents an opportunity to influence the direction of UK design research funding on green transitions at the highest level. The Future Observatory is precisely the type of leadership we need from our cultural institutions on tackling the ecological crises that we are facing today, and I'm honored to continue to support this initiative."

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Sharon Prendeville on this appoinment and look forward to her invaluable contributions to the Future Observatory's mission.