Professor Mikko Koria appears on The Human Show podcast

Professor Mikko Koria recently featured on The Human Show podcast to discuss design, research, identity, interdisciplinarity and ethics.

Professor Mikko Koria is the Director of the Institute of Design Innovation and a Professor of Design Innovation at Loughborough University London.

Mikko introduces himself as a person who has never quite figured it out and is constantly driven by the curiosity to understand what is around the corner. From here on, Mikko discusses design innovation and its inherent interdisciplinarity. How does a designer use the co-creation tools differently from an anthropologist? How to give voice to the people who do not understand their input? How to work around different agendas and achieve a joint meaning? These are all topics debated within this episode. To conclude the discussion, Mikko reflects upon the humane qualities that might bring design practitioners one step closer to figuring out the unknown.

The Human show: Innovation through Social Science is an engaging podcast platform exploring topics such as how social scientists’ study human behaviour and how the industry innovates. The hosts speak weekly with anthropologists, other researchers, and industry specialists from all over the world. The discussions are generally focussed on the specific work and area of expertise of the guests and how this is applicable to understanding people, advances within industry and/or larger societal goals.

Whether you are a professional within business and/or academia, still completing your studies or just simply interested in these topics, this podcast promotes thought provoking ideas and provides different perspectives on mechanisms to influence policy, develop networks, increase government accountability, and promote democracy.

Professor Mikko Koria’s research has a strong focus on value creation in design innovation, through the application of design into multiple contexts involving users, organisations, ecosystems, and society at large. Alongside his vast list of accomplishments within Loughborough University London, Mikko has also worked with SME’s, start-ups and multinationals and organizations such as Red Cross, Unicef and the World Bank in the UK, Finland and Brazil.

Mikko’s key area expertise is linked to successful leadership of complex, multicultural, and multidisciplinary organisations and initiatives, combining technical and social goals. Over the last thirty years, Mikko has been widely engaged in management practice, research and teaching in various universities and the private, public and the third sectors in both industrialised countries and emerging economies.

You can listen to The Human show: Innovation through Social Science episode featuring Professor Mikko Koria here.