Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) launch ‘Getting your business online’ programme for students

Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) are offering all students a free 8-week programme focussed on 'Getting your business online.'

The online programm will take students through eight weeks of practical content which will either aid in taking an already established business to the next level online or provide students with ideas they can independently develop into a business with an online presence.

The programme provides weekly content containing materials for students to submit, review and gain feedback on, providing a coherent understanding of where their business/ ideas are at. LEN staff will be available throughout the period of this course hosting weekly virtual Q&A sessions for additional support.

Students don’t need to have an established business or even an aim to, as this course is also a fun and practical way to learn some key entrepreneurial skills and further enhance their personal development.

Upon completion of this programme students will receive a certificate and professional endorsements via LinkedIn, further enhancing their entrepreneurial online presence.

Find out more about the programme here or to find out more about the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) in London, please visit our careers section.