Doctoral Researcher secures lecturer position within the Institute for Sport Business here at Loughborough University London.

Dr Daniel Read graduated from Loughborough University London, following completion of his PhD within the Institute for Sport Business. Since graduating, Daniel has been offered a lecturer position within the Institute.

Prior to begining his studies at Loughborough University London, Daniel obtained his BSc in Sports Science and Physiology from the University of Leeds in 2014, and received his MRes in Sport Psychology from York St John University in 2015.

Daniel’s research within the Institute for Sport Business focused on the challenges of implementing and regulating anti-doping policy in professional sport. One of his research questions centred on the idea that ‘systematic doping is continually seen in sport, despite 18 years having passed since the creation of the World Anti-Doping Code’, and explored the reasons behind this. Dan's research focusses on the management of anti-doping at the intersection of sports politicisation, commercialisation and regulation.

During his PhD, Daniel's supervisors were Professor James Skinner (Director of the Institute for Sport Business), Daniel Lock (Bournemouth University), and Professor Barrie Houlihan (School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at the Loughborough campus).

Speaking of his achievements, Daniel said:

“It's great to have the opportunity to continue my time with Loughborough University London as a lecturer. Completing my PhD in the Institute for Sport Business provided some amazing personal and professional experiences and I'm excited to continue developing as a researcher in London.”