Loughborough University London Alumni support Inspiring Success programme

The Loughborough University London Inspiring Success programme, which is currently in its 6th year, is a two-part programme. Its aim is to enable unemployed and underemployed graduates to pursue a career by providing employability support and access to scholarships for postgraduate study at Loughborough University London.

In early June, three graduates from the Inspiring Success programme shared their experiences with the 2020 cohort. The session gave current applicants the chance to hear the successes our three graduates have had since graduating and gave them the opportunity to ask any questions. The session also gave our alumni the opportunity to meet and inspire our local East London graduates involved in the programme and meet the diverse talent within this year’s group.

The three alumni were Clayton Thomas, Simeon Marriott-Dixon, and Jesse Williams. They each spoke about their experience at the University and offered some insight into their time as part of the Inspiring Success programme. They also discussed where they have progressed to, how the programme has benefitted their employment success, any challenges they faced and where they might be if they had not have taken part in Inspiring Success.

Prior to the Inspiring Success sessions Clayton was working as a Receptionist at Here East, he now works as a Project Support Officer for LLDC. Clayton enthusiastically opened the discussion with our Inspiring Success cohort. He spoke about how the programme helped enhance his career prospects and encouraged participants to keep in contact with the staff at Loughborough University London to build their networks.

Similarly, Simeon discussed how Inspiring Success helped him develop contacts and networks to enhance his career progression. He reminded our current cohort of their talent and encouraged participants to bring their previous experiences to the programme and scholarship to enhance their experience whilst studying at Loughborough University London. Simeon now works as a Senior Youth Support & Development Worker at London Borough of Hackney.

Finally, Jesse, who now works as an Inquiry manager at the House of Commons, discussed how the programme opened his doors to lots of options after he graduated. He encouraged participants to keep in touch with the staff on the London campus, for any further support they may need in the future. Jesse said that postgraduate study helped him “come out of his shell” and has led him to be in a happier position with his career.

All of the alumni agreed that the participants should get involved with extra, non-curricular activities to get the most out of their experience and in particular all three chatted about the outstanding sense of community here at Loughborough University London.

Participants and staff enjoyed hearing from our alumni. Thank you to ClaytonSimeon and Jesse for inspiring the latest cohort and embodying what Inspiring Success is all about.