Chairman of Indonesian conglomerate visits the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Last month, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship welcomed Mr Dadan Irawan Sarpingi onto campus as part of their Practitioner Speaker Series.

Mr Dadan Irawan Sarpingi spoke about Entrepreneurial Leadership in Family Firms in Developing Countries to an audience of master’s students, doctoral researchers, academic staff, alumni and a number of other esteemed guests.

Mr Sarpingi is the Chairman of the conglomerate group 4848, with various businesses in Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Boston and Jeddah. He has also held a number of titles including the Chairman for the Transportation Department in Indonesia and Deputy Chairman for the Indonesian Public Transport Association. The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on understanding innovation and entrepreneurship in a variety of contexts, and Mr Sarpingi’s seminar is part of the Institute’s Practitioner Speaker Series which aims to bring together a mix of academics and practitioners to discuss issues relating to innovation and entrepreneurship around the world.

Dr Louise Scholes, Director for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, said:

"We were delighted to host Dadan Sarpingi and look forward to a long and successful relationship with him in the future. Dadan’s talk was very interesting indeed, with fascinating insights from his own family business revealing how other family businesses can successfully be passed from one generation to the next."

Femi Obasman, a Doctoral Researcher within the Institute said:

"The insight gained from the seasoned and veteran business man was unquantifiable. He shared his wealth of experience on family business leadership and sustainability to the faculty, master's and PhD students as well as other invited guests. Mr Dadan’s experience and connection in the business world of Indonesia and other part of the world has made him an authority in the entrepreneurship space and he is also being sought after to speak at universities in the USA as well. Having engaged with him during and after the event, I found his wealth of experience and insights as a second generation owner of a family business conglomerate, very useful for my current research towards family business sustainability in developing nations."

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