Femi Obasun

Corporate Social Responsibility Motivation : Comparative Analysis of Motivation for CSR among Family SMEs in Europe & Africa/Middle East.

Femi Obasun is currently a PhD researcher at the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University London with focus on CSR among family SMEs in Europe and Africa/Middle East.

Femi holds a BSc degree in Computer Science in 1998 and an MBA from Lagos Business School, Lagos in 2011 and recently graduated with MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management from Loughborough University London. He achieved a distinction in his dissertation which was on Innovative Social Enterprise for Migrants Entrepreneurs: Alleviating Social Exclusion with Micro-Equity Financing.

His professional and entrepreneurial journey/experience in Africa and Middle East in the last 20 years has opened a new horizon and led him to becoming an entrepreneurship researcher in order to combine his practical business experience with academic researches.

PhD research description

Researches have shown that Family firms mostly give impression that they embrace “whole-business philosophy” in their social activities in order to appeal to increasing number of people that are “socially conscious”, while in reality they only engage in those that will benefit them and improve their image and reputation.

This research will however focus on family SMEs which have received less research attention and one of the questions to be answered is what really motivates CSR among family SMEs. SEW, statutory regulation, performance or social advancement? Are family SMEs really socially responsible? An attempt will also be made to compare the key drivers of social responsibility among family firms in Africa/middle East and Europe.

The research will further establish what really motivates family firms to be socially responsible towards internal and external stakeholders alike and the link with SEW, country regulation limit, family and religion . This research will build on these previous researches but with focus mainly on motivation for social activities among family SMEs.

PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Femi is studying his PhD on a full Scholarship. 

Papers, publications and articles

Femi has an unpublished Masters Thesis: Innovative Social Enterprise for Migrants Entrepreneurs: Alleviating Social Exclusion with Micro-Equity Financing.

Interests and activities

Femi's interests include:

  • Travelling to new places
  • International Politics
  • Reading (Business, Relationship and Biographies)
  • Volunteering ( Refugees Entrepreneur Buddy at TERN London and shelter home)
  • Table Tennis and Snooker
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