Doctoral Researcher secures lecturer position at Griffith University, Australia

Dr Bridget Backhaus graduated from Loughborough University in July 2019 following completion of her PhD with the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. Since graduating, Bridget has been offered a lecturer position at Griffith University in Australia.

Originally from Australia, Bridget began her PhD with RMIT University in Melbourne before transferring to Loughborough University London in 2017. Bridget also holds a Master’s in Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.  

Bridget’s research centres on the role of listening within community radio stations. As part of her PhD, Bridget explored the way community radio stations ‘listen’ to their listeners and how these interactions shape broadcast content and station activities. Her supervisors were Professor Jo Tacchi (Associate Dean for Research, Loughborough University London) and Dr Rohit Dasgupta (Senior Lecturer, Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough University London). 

Speaking of her achievements, Bridget said: 

“I’m excited about my new role at Griffith. My time at Loughborough has been the perfect launch pad for my academic career. Doing a PhD is a lot of hard work but, thanks to the expertise and support of my supervisors, it was all worth it to produce a piece of work that I’m really proud of – and one that helped get me a job!" 

Dr Rohit Dasgupta, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Media and Creative Industries added: 

“Bridget’s PhD which with community radio in India. Her unique methodology and insight into community radio listening practices is a very important contribution to both media studies as well as South Asian area studies. I am so pleased that she has been offered a lecturer position at Griffith University. This is a testament to her impressive academic achievements."