The Institute for Sport Business partners with the Portuguese Football Federation

The Institute for Sport Business is partnering with the Portuguese Football Federation to deliver on a new football management course for executive leaders.

From Summer 2018, the Institute for Sport Business will work with the Portuguese football school, Federação Portuguesa de Futebol to deliver a new football management programme for executive leaders.

The football management course will train CEOs, managers and officials from the some of the world's most prominent federations and clubs. Alongside teaching from academics with the Institute for Sport Business, the programme will include teaching from Nova Business and Economics School in Portugal and the Centre de Droit et d´Economie du Sport in France. Together each academic partner will deliver teaching in areas as varied as governance, leadership, law and finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, digital media, branding and marketing, as well as science and medicine in football.

Attendees of the programme will learn sports-leadership best practices, corporate governance, and how to improve brand value. They will also be exposed to the most effective ways to apply technology and management skills to keep fans engaged in the sport and warm to their team.

The Institute for Sport Business will deliver two modules on the programme, including a Sports Digital Media, Branding and Marketing module, which aims to provide an understanding of digital sports media, branding and marketing management issues in the context of sport. The module will be led by the Director of the Institute for Sport Business, Professor James Skinner and Professor of Sport Business, Aaron Smith. A second module, entitled Innovation and Entrepreneurship, examines the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in a changing sport business landscape. This module will be taught by the Director of the Institute's Sport Business and Innovation MSc, Dr Allan Edwards.

Federação Portuguesa de Futebol

In March 2016, the Portuguese Football Federation launched the Portugal Football School, Federação Portuguesa de Futebol as a centre of excellence in the teaching and advancement of football and sport business. Each programme aims to educate professionals of all levels to identify problems and deliver creative solutions for the future of football.