Tim Kübel

The Social Development of Elite Youth Male Football Players

Tim is a Doctoral Researcher within the Institute for Sport Business.

Tim is originally from Germany where he played professional football before moving to the United States to study Finance at the University of Louisville. Following his Bachelor's degree, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) to complete his Master's in Sport Administration while serving on the men's soccer coaching staff, and as a teaching assistant for the department of Exercise and Sport Sciences.

Inspired by his professional and collegiate playing and coaching experience, Tim researched holistic player development in college soccer and was awarded the UNC Exercise and Sport Science Graduate Student Research Merit Award for his work. Following the completion of his Master's Degree in July 2021, Tim joined Loughborough University London for his PhD for a collaborative research project with Chelsea Football Club revolving around the social development of elite youth football players. Tim's research interest are in youth football development, coaching, holistic development, talent development environments, and positive youth development through sport.

PhD research description

PhD project in collaboration with Chelsea FC – The Social Development of Elite Youth Male Football Players. Investigating the impact of foreign ownership on football communities in the UK: a case study of Leyton Orient FC (with Dr. Steve Swanson, and Maylin Stanjic).

PhD supervisors

Tim's supervisors are Dr. Andrea Geurin and Dr. Emily Hayday.

Interests and activities

Serving as the PGR Representative for the Institute for Sport Business and as the Year Representative for all Postgraduate Researchers.

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