Future Space visit to aiLabs at Chelsea FC’s Cobham training facility

A group of students stood outside aiLabs

On Tuesday 14 November 2023, students from Loughborough University London’s Institute for Sport Business were invited to attend an exclusive insight session with aiLabs at Chelsea Football Club’s Cobham training facility.

Students were welcomed to aiLabs’ mobile elite performance laboratory, used at various sporting facilities to track athletic ability and collect, analyse, and engage with player performance data at an unprecedented scale.

One attending student said:

“We got the wonderful opportunity to visit aiLabs at Chelsea FC's training ground. This exclusive opportunity provided us with a firsthand glimpse into how Chelsea uses tech and innovation to track their academy players. We were also given the chance to try some of the equipment ourselves and the visit was something I would not be able to experience had it not been for Loughborough and the Future Space team!” 

A group of students looking at computer screens at aiLabs

We would like to thank ai.io and the aiLabs team for their generous support and hospitality in welcoming our students to learn more about tech-based data analytics in a professional sports setting!

If you missed this visit and would like to learn more about the Future Space team’s upcoming activities, you can do so by logging into your Handshake account to find out more!