Students visit BBC Broadcasting House as part of Loughborough University London Programme

Students from the Institute for Media and Creative Industries gained a careers boost last week when they visited BBC Broadcasting House.

The visit was part of the Institutes partnership with BBC Media Action. BBC Media Action, is the BBC's international development charity. It works to use media and communication to reduce poverty, improve health and support people in understanding their rights. It works in partnership with the BBC World Service and other local media and development partners in over 35 developing and transitional countries around the world.

Dr Jessica Noske-Turner who led the trip said:

Seeing how media and communication is used to support change is a huge part of our work at Loughborough University London. This trip enabled our students to see inside the world famous BBC buildings, meet staff and get to experience how BBC Media Action works.

BBC Media Action have previously been a Collaborative Project and Collaborative Dissertation Partner.

For more information on our Development and Social Change programmes please check out our website.

An image of four students from the Institute for Media and Creative Industries outside the BBC Broadcasting House