Loughborough University London launches Class of 2021-22 Leavers Survey

Loughborough University London has today announced its annual survey of leavers for the class of 21-22. All students who completed their studies this summer have been e-mailed with the survey which asks them to give details of their planned post studies next step. Completing the survey gives instant access to a prize draw to win £50.

Whilst the survey helps graduates report on their next steps it also serves as a reminder of how graduates can stay connected.

Graduates of LU LDN have ‘lifetime’ access to our Future Space programme. This provides them with job opportunities, careers guidance, starting or running a business support CV checking, skills sessions, workshops and much more.

Professor Tony Edwards said “Completing a Masters degree with Loughborough University London is a huge achievement. Our survey is just another way to congratulate this year’s class whilst reminding them of how to stay in touch. I would urge all our departing students to complete the survey.

The survey also reminds soon to be graduating students to join LU LDN’s ever growing Institute LinkedIn groups.

Departing students also have further treats in store. Upon graduation they will become a member of the Alumni Association, a diverse group of more than 195,000 Loughborough graduates worldwide.