International Management Alumni Event give students insight into Graduate Schemes in the UK and Europe

On 20 October 2022, students from the Institute for International Management were treated to a panel talk and networking event all about Graduate Schemes. Hosted by the Future Space team the event saw ten recent graduates (2016 to 2022) share their experiences of Graduate Schemes in the UK and Ireland.

Graduate Schemes are Fastrack programmes designed by companies and organisations to quickly build management capacity and capability. Graduate Schemes can be a great way to learn a lot about a company and rapidly rise in your career. Students learnt from alum now working at KPMG, DCC Consulting and Aldi. Students were given advice on when to apply and how to make the most of their opportunities whilst studying. Further Future Space alumni events are planned throughout the year. Please see our events pages for more details.

An image of eight Loughborough London alumni that studied within the Institute for International Management at an alumni event