Loughborough University London Students Gain Valuable Insights during Inspiring Visit to IBM's Innovation Studio, Central London.

A group of students from Loughborough University London embarked on an extraordinary visit to IBM's innovation studio in the heart of central London. This exceptional trip, organised by Loughborough University London's Future Space team in collaboration with IBM's esteemed master inventor, Professor John McNamara, proved to be an enlightening journey into the world of IBM's work ethic, technological research, and career development opportunities.

The visit to IBM's innovation studio provided an exceptional opportunity for the students to delve into the work ethic that drives one of the world's most renowned technology companies. Immersed in the studio's vibrant atmosphere, the students gained firsthand insights into IBM's culture of innovation, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of technological advancements.

Professor McNamara shared these thoughts on his time with our students –"It is a real joy to engage with Loughborough London University. Both the faculty and students are exceptional and this presents a practical project program which  is exceptional - bringing talented students together to address industry challenges ranging from business to deeply technical. In York Road we had the opportunity to meet up together - explore the IBM innovation process and methodology. The students’ insight was exceptional, and the IBM Subject Matter Experts were hugely impressed by their grasp of both the technology and the application to business. A real delight!"

Throughout their visit, the students were introduced to a number of transformative projects and research endeavors spearheaded by IBM. This firsthand experience ignited the students' imagination and provided a glimpse into the potential impact of these innovations across various industries.

The students were encouraged to explore the diverse career pathways available at IBM, gaining valuable insights into the company's approach to talent development and the vast array of opportunities for growth and innovation. Discussions revolved around internships, apprenticeships, mentorship programs, and the importance of acquiring a versatile skill set to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

Reflecting on the visit, one of our students shared their thoughts on the trip –

"It was inspiring to see the workplace that would motivate the students to try and apply for jobs at IBM. The experience also demonstrated the culture at IBM and of its employees which was another boost to be associated with similar companies. The insights provided on their proof of concepts and innovations helped in getting trained during our course accordingly to be adept for similar roles in future."

Dan Robinson, Projects Manager for Loughborough University London's Future Space team, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, "The visit to IBM's innovation studio has been a tremendous success. By connecting our students with IBM's work ethic, research initiatives, and career development insights, we have provided them with a unique opportunity to expand their horizons and envision their future roles as technology leaders. We are grateful to Professor McNamara and IBM for their invaluable support."

The visit to IBM's innovation studio has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the students, kindling their passion for innovation, and equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to shape the future.

The Future Space team are always looking for opportunities for our students to connect with learning opportunities within industry – If you would like to spend some time with our students and share some insight into your organisation’s workplace, why not drop the team an email FutureSpace@lboro.ac.uk and we’d be happy to discuss further.