Future Space visits Offer Holders in India!

To support the International office team’s wider engagement with offer holders in India, the Future Space team’s Dan Robinson joined LU colleagues in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi to share an overview of careers support at both campuses.

Dan Robinson, Future Space Projects manager said “This was an amazing opportunity to join colleagues on this trip to India and to be able to share a strong careers offer with our offer holders. It also gave me the chance to speak with offer holders afterwards to learn more about their expectations and in turn help us prepare to receive our upcoming October intake. On a personal note, it was fantastic to learn more about the wonderfully rich culture of India and something I will remember as a highlight of my career with LU LDN so far”.

The three events saw a total of 239 attendees all looking to learn more about everything on offer at Loughborough University and LU LDN was well represented. Offer holder Joseph Antony from Delhi shared these thoughts on his experience:
Attending the offer holder event in Delhi was a memorable experience. The event brought together a diverse group of offer holders, all excited about the opportunities that lay ahead. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with fellow students who shared the same aspirations and dreams and also connect with staff who gave me valuable insights into Loughborough University. The event featured engaging presentations and interactive discussions, providing valuable insights into the university and its programs. The organisers did a fantastic job in ensuring that every attendee felt valued and supported. Overall, the offer holder event in Delhi was a delightful experience that further fuelled my enthusiasm and anticipation for the academic journey that awaited me.