London hosts first Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) focused day for staff and post graduate researchers

On 5 July, staff and post graduate researchers gathered on the London campus to explore topics related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The day created an energizing and friendly environment to come together as a team, challenging our thinking and exploring areas that might affect us as individuals, the students we teach and/or the colleagues we work with.

The day was structured with opening and closing Q&A discussions with Prof. Tony Edwards (Dean LU LDN), Prof. Charlotte Croffie (Pro Vice Chancellor for EDI) and Veronica Moore (Director of EDI Services).  Interactive workshop sessions included Neurodiversity (Andrew Hatfield), Creating Racial Dialogue (Dr. Angela Dy), Men’s Well-being (Ian Beever), and Understanding Burnout (Nadine Skinner).

Participants also had the chance to engage with the topic of loneliness through a screening of the documentary film – All the Lonely People and Q&A session with Director, Joseph Applebaum.

One participant expressed that it was ‘great that everyone came together and some really thoughtful sessions that I think felt like it brought the community closer together.’

Another explained, ‘the atmosphere was fantastic. The Burnout session was also incredibly interesting. I liked that PS staff and academics were doing it together - it should help each group better understand the issues faced by the other.’

There is enthusiasm for a similar style of event to be hosted annually, with new topics, more colleagues from both campuses and opportunities to work through ways of implementing change.

The event was led by the London EDI Committee with strong support from the school.