Loughborough University London launches Collaborate 2023

Loughborough University London’s Collaborate programme has begun with almost seven hundred students and 50 organisations setting out on a journey of collaborative innovation together. Collaborate is a key and distinctive offer exclusively available to all students of all disciplines at Loughborough University London, as part of their master’s degree programmes.

Working in teams, students are now in the final stages of creating their solutions to challenge briefs set by eleven collaborating Partner Organisations on the Collaborative Project.  Students have been overseen by a dedicated academic Project Lead.  They have interacted with their Partner Organisation.  With  challenge briefs, ranging from “Establishing a low carbon local economy”, with East London housing association; Poplar Harca, to “Increasing Learning Accessibility through the metaverse” with IBM the challenges are varied and diverse.

Through the programme, students develop skills around collaboration and the innovation process.  They apply these skills it to a live project.  They deliver team reports and individual reflections.  Finally, a team representing each brief will be nominated to appear at the annual Collaborative Project Show 2023.  This year’s show takes place in June, kindly hosted by Loughborough’s Here East neighbours Plexal.   Tickets for this public celebratory event are available here.  This event is a great chance to meet students, learn about their approaches and future ambitions, alongside our valued Partner Organisations: William Joseph, Sysdoc, Poplar HARCA, Holland & Barrett, IBM, West Ham Utd Foundation, Sports Interactive, Engagecraft, International Media Support, ThisGreatAdventure, Minority Rights International

Next up, we have Collaborative Dissertation.  Students have just pitched to potential Partner Organisations to deliver a 3-month research project over the summer period.  Some students will also be further immersing into their research environment by completing an internship at the same time. Current student, Balakrishna Patange recently secured his Collaborative Dissertation with Ticketmaster Sport, who are now into their third year collaborating with the programme.

“I am very excited to be a part of the collaboration between Ticketmaster and Loughborough University, who are two premier organisations in their fields. This collaboration aims to change the landscape of sports ticketing and the sports industry as a whole and I’m sure this research will open up new avenues for the exploration of utility and benefits of the Web 3.0 technology in our day-to-day lives.”
“After the success of last year’s partnership, we are delighted to be part of the Collaborate Programme for a third consecutive year. As part of Ticketmaster’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the sports industry, we’re looking forward to working with Loughborough student Balakrishna Patange,  to help develop the future of sport experiences for fans and athletes alike.”  Chris Gratton, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport UK.

Collaborate has grown to become a flagship offer for the Loughborough University London campus.  Placed at the heart of the Here East innovation and technology ecosystem, bringing all disciplines together under the same geographic roof, Collaborate at Loughborough University London is likely to be one of the largest programmes-of-its-kind in the world, demonstrating scalable interdisciplinary collaborative innovation between academia and industry.

"Studying in a collaborative interdisciplinary environment is at the heart of the Loughborough University London experience.  It is brilliant to see how the Collaborate programme has grown and now offers so much value to partners and students alike.  I am already looking forward to seeing the outputs of these projects at the show in June.”  Prof Tony Edwards, Dean of Loughborough University London.