Future Space team host first virtual assessment centre

Last month marked another first for Loughborough University London when three rapidly scaling employers came together for its Virtual Assessment Centre.

This event offered students a valuable experience and the opportunity to practice and develop their employability skills through a series of events typically used at assessment centres.  

The Virtual Assessment Centre was based on a typical graduate assessment centre – a method which lots of employers use to recruitThe event was designed to prepare students for this method of recruitment and as part of their application students were asked to complete an application form and video interview. Those applicants who were successful then proceeded to the Virtual Assessment Centre. 

Grace Baird, Digital Skills Project Assistant at Loughborough University London, has said: 

“The current employment market is tough, so it is great to be involved with this experience for our students to give them an opportunity to practice and prepare for graduate recruitment. It is fantastic that 3 of the employers who took part in the Virtual Assessment Centre are recruiting students providing real-life opportunities and experiences for our students” 

Throughout the event students completed a task whilst being observed by a team of assessorsSome of these assessors were employers recruiting graduates for this summer therefore the event also presented students a useful opportunity to network with employers and showcase their talents 

The virtual assessment centre allowed students to put important skills such as teamwork, time-management, and project management into practice in a real-world setting through two assessed tasks. Firstly, students were allocated into small groups and were presented with their task to address a specific business challenge, working together to prepare and develop a solution whilst being observed and assessed. The second half of the assessment saw all groups present their response and solutions to the business challenge to a panel of assessors. Finally, after completion of their presentation, all groups had to respond to a Q&A session with assessors with questions about their presentation 

Abbey Oladapo, Director at Three Sixtee, has said:

"Loughborough University is world renowned, so the opportunity to potentially hire talent from their pool of students by attending the assessment centre the Future Space team put together made sense. The event was well organised and it was great to see and assess the diverse range of talent that were involved through the event" .

A key objective of the assessment centre was to provide students with the opportunity to practice and develop their skills, and all students who participated in the assessment centre received individual developmental feedback about their performance to enable reflection along with tips and resources to support future development. 

This was a fantastic opportunity to sample an online assessment centre and an opportunity that I have been able to take many learnings away from. Whilst this is the first assessment centre I have undertaken, I strongly feel as though LUL and the Future Space team have prepared us very well for these sorts of situations.

The Future Space team at Loughborough University London is here to help students achieve their goals, pursue their dream career, and push themselves out of their comfort zone. This virtual assessment centre was one of many events and activities designed to enhance employability skills. 

The Future Space team would like to thank all the assessors who participated in the virtual assessment centre and supported this valuable experience for our students. If you would like to become a talent plus partner and be involved in future activities with The Future Space Team, please contact futurespace@lboro.ac.uk