Institute Director for International Management features on Real Talk

Dr. Gerhard Schnyder recently guest starred on an episode of ‘Real Talk’ to consider the new dawn of higher education for 2021 and beyond, post COVID-19.

Dr. Gerhard Schnyder is the Director of the Institute for International Management at Loughborough University London. In an open conversation with Chloe Woods on the most recent episode of Real talk: Connected higher education, Gerhard discusses the shifts made in the UK higher education industry to support the new student experience and how Loughborough University London have adapted hybrid and blended learning approaches to delivering high quality teaching. Throughout this episode, Gerhard also highlights the shifting propositions in attracting new student enrolment going forwards.

Gerhard then goes on to emphasise the importance of an online university degree and how innovative teaching methods must be incorporated to in-person learning. This approach is central to the teaching methods at Loughborough University London in the past, hence why the University has received recognition as one of the leading UK universities. This prior recognition has been awarded for the innovative and pioneering ideas from our alumni and student community.

As an Institute Director, one of Gerhard’s specific attributes is establishing personal relationships with the student cohort and in this episode, he openly discusses the challenges faced when trying to build connections virtually. However, Gerhard also highlights the importance of digital technology and the role it is playing in enhancing alumni and guest lecture engagement.

The conversation concludes by discussing predictions on the new dawn of higher education for 2021 and beyond, with Gerhard expressing his excitement to showcase his new adaptation on previous teaching approaches for the first cohort of 2021.

Real Talk is a platform focused on bringing people together through different channels to share, inspire, and create. The series features leaders respected in our communities for being the first to adapt and innovate in today’s rapidly evolving world. From a wide range of industries, each program will feature a personal perspective, advice on leadership, and ideas for shaping our future. The series itself consists of 30-60 min online programs featuring heroes of today to inspire, to teach, and to uplift the community.

Gerhard’s personal research adopts an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to investigate the institutional and political determinants of economic activity. More specifically, Gerhard researches the impact of the state, law, and informal institutions on firm-level corporate governance practices and strategies.

You can listen to this episode of Real Talk featuring Dr. Gerhard Schnyder here.

You can find out more about the Institute for International Management here.