Media and Creative Industries academic invited for research stay at KADOC

Dr Ana Cristina Suzina, a Doctoral Prize Fellow from the Institute for Media and Creative Industries has been offered a research stay at KADOC/KUL.

KADOC is the Interfaculty Documentation and Research Centre on Religion, Culture and Society at KU Leuven in Belgium. Established in 1976, KADOC is an international centre for the study of the interaction between religion, culture and society in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Her research stay will explore archive files in search of initiatives taking place in Latin America between 1960 and 2000 that involved Christian groups dealing with Leitura Crítica da Comunicacao (the critical reading of media). These kinds of initiatives were frequently associated with progressive Christian groups who were interested in developing a critical appropriation of media within popular social settings. The Christian development of training activities, brochures and practical guides was intended to help ordinary people identify how media messages were constructed and how they could influence the way we live.

Dr Suzina of the Institute for Media and Creative Industries said, “These groups were very successful in developing processes of media literacy among peasants, workers and marginalized social groups. I look to them with the interest of analysing how they developed a critical appropriation of media that highlight the agency of human beings over technology.”

Dr Suzina’s stay will take place from 1 September to 10 October 2020 where she will be working directly alongside Dr Peter Heyrman and Dr Jonas Van Mulder.

Dr Ana Cristina Suzina is specialist in communication for social change with expertise in sustainability, social organisations, and corporate social responsibility. Dr Suzina is a prolific researcher and writer and is part of the academic faculty within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries.