First Institute for Sport Business doctoral researcher completes PhD degree

Qi Peng joined the Institute for Sport Business in 2015 and became the first Sport Business Doctoral Researcher to successfully complete a PhD degree earlier this month.

Qi’s PhD, entitled The Institutional Change Process in the Chinese Sport Sector: An Organisational Analysis on the Chinese Football Association Reform examined the impact of policy changes on sport organisations through the lens of Multiple Streams Framework and organisational change theories.

Using the Chinese Football Association (CFA) as a case study, Qi’s research aimed to understand the reasons behind the “Jvguo Tizhi”(举国体制) policy and organisational change, the change process and its implications. She completed the degree under the supervision of Professor James Skinner and Professor Barrie Houlihan.

When asked about her time at Loughborough University London, Qi said: 

I am very honoured to be the first PhD candidate to join the Institute for Sport Business and the first to complete a PhD degree at the campus.

During the three-and-a-half years with Loughborough University London, I have received the best academic support from my supervisors who are the world-class experts in their field. The professional support staff at both campuses are so patient and always willing to listen and help, which made the university feel like home from day one. Choosing Loughborough University London for my PhD journey is a life-changing decision and it was totally worth it! 

Before completing her PhD, Qi studied M.A.Ed. in Sport Management at China’s top university for sport, Beijing Sport University. She also holds a BA in Sport English (International Affairs) from Chengdu Sport University.

Loughborough University London awarded Qi a three-year PhD studentship and she was also awarded a £1,500 Research Visit Grant for "China-related studies in the UK" from Universities' China Committee in London (December 2016).

Qi is now undertaking the role of Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.