Professor Skinner discusses repercussions of Australian cricket pay dispute

As the Australian cricketers’ industrial dispute drags on, Professor James Skinner from the Institute for Sport Business discusses the lessons we can learn with academic journal, The Conversation.

The ongoing pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association is surfacing a number of broader issues regarding workers and their desire to increase their share of the wealth they help to create through their labour.

In an article published by The Conversation last week, the Director of the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University London, Professor James Skinner, and Professor Michael Barry from Griffith University Business School in Australia discuss the lessons that may be learned from the recent events affecting Australia's cricket industry. Together, they explain how the players’ refusal to work is a potent form of "player power", before exploring the potential repercussions the dispute may have on fan mentality and the sporting brand as a whole.

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