Media Professor gives lecture on major Chinese broadcasting channel, CGTN

Professor Graham Murdock recently took part in major interviews for 'The Point', one of the leading English language current affairs programs on Chinese television.

The Point is one of the main current affairs programs on CGTN. The program is spoken in English and comments on global news affairs, relating to politics, business, technology and culture. 

Professor Graham Murdock spoke of his latest lectures entitled 'Marx in His Time and Ours', a series marking the 150th anniversary of the first volume of Karl Marx's acclaimed economic publication, Das Kapital.

Professor Graham Murdock is the elected Distinguished Global Scholar at Peking University, one of China's leading academic institutions. His lectures attract large audiences and regularly receive wide interest beyond the University. During his latest visit to China, Proffessor Graham Murdoch also featured on one of the country's major journals of opinion, 'Life Week', which was founded in the 1920s.

About Professor Graham Murdock

Graham is a Professor of Culture and Economy and has a particular interest in the advertising and broadcasting industries, risk communication and Asian media.
Graham's work combines critical perspectives in political economy, sociology and cultural analysis to investigate the changing organisation of media and cultural systems and their relations to patterns of power, inequality and agency. HIS work has been translated in over twenty languages.
Professor Graham Murdock has been elected as the Vice President of the International Association of Media and Communications Research (IAMCR). He has also been elected to the Academia Europaea - a significant European wide scholarly network for promoting work in our field.