London students and staff awarded for their contributions to Loughborough's postgraduate experience

Last week, Loughborough’s Student's Union hosted the first Postgraduate Awards evening at the Loughborough campus where London representatives received three awards.

The event was organised and hosted by the Loughborough Student’s Union's Postgraduate Executive Officer, George Hones.

London students and staff were awarded three awards recognising their contributions to Loughborough’s postgraduate experience:

  1. The LSU London representative team won Postgraduate Event of the Year award for their ‘Think and Drink’ event.
  2. Student Sumai Bertrand was awarded the Immediate Impact award for her work as Vice Chair of the LSU London committee.
  3. The LSU Manager, Ellie Read, received The Bryn Pike award for her exceptional contribution to the postgraduate experience

The LSU London representatives also received a high commendation for the Postgraduate Team of the Year award.