Executive leadership workshop held for aspiring sport leaders

A group of budding sport leaders attended an Executive Leadership Workshop with the Institute for Sport Business this week.

The workshop forms part of a detailed package of leadership development opportunities for a group of aspiring sport leaders, as identified through the Sport Industry NextGen programme.
Sport Industry NextGen in partnership with Barclays identifies tomorrow’s leaders, rewards their potential and nurtures their talent through a dedicated leadership package to better equip individuals for future leadership roles. 
Academics from Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University London hosted the workshop, and explored leadership theory throughout history, and introduced contemporary leadership perspectives. The workshop also covered the applicability of these approaches to the modern sports leader and encouraged the group to reflect on personal learning to help appreciate what leadership looks like in practice. 
Opened by the Director of the Institute for Sport Business, Professor James Skinner, and Dr Steve Swanson, the Institute’s Programme Director for MSc Sport Business and Leadership, the afternoon also included breakout groups and a reflective session with Guy Richardson, founder and CEO of Eiger Performance.
Dr Swanson, also a Sport Industry NextGen Coach, explained the process behind the day: “It’s about exposing the group to new ideas of leadership, by drawing on academic theory as well as theory in practice, and trying to provide them with the tools required as they develop their own leadership capacities and philosophies.”
“Leadership is complex; it means different things to different people and there’s no one-size-fits-all model. To understand leadership, individuals need to reflect on who they are, identify their strengths, and discover the right response to any given situation. It requires a great deal of adaptability.”
Professor Skinner added: “The Institute for Sport Business is working with Sport Industry NextGen to develop outstanding future sport leaders. We recognise the importance of leadership, and feel we have the academic knowledge and expertise to support and inspire these future leaders of sport."
“The great thing about this group is that they understand leadership is a journey that never ends, even when you get to the top.”
Swanson concluded: “The group come from a rich variety of backgrounds, so it’s fantastic to see them reflect on each other’s’ experiences and share ideas.”
Sport Industry NextGen in partnership with Barclays opens for entries for 2018 later this month. To find out more about the Sport Industry NextGen Leadership Package, please click here.