Loughborough University Enterprise Awards 2017: Voting now open

The innovative research and creative focus of Loughborough University’s most inventive individuals are being celebrated again at this year’s Enterprise Awards – with the public voting now open.

Each year, Loughborough aims to recognise the best entrepreneurial and enterprising academics, undergraduates or postgraduates, who continue to find new and exciting solutions to problems or create a positive impact on everyday life.

Four categories make up the 2017 awards, the winners of which will be announced on Wednesday, May 17, at a ceremony held at the Loughborough University campus.

The nominees are aiming for success in: Impact from Research, One to Watch, Graduate Enterprise and Placement Student – the full list of those involved is included below.

Examples of some of the entries include research into managing the outbreaks of disease within animal populations, such as the 2007 foot-and-mouth crisis; technology for predicting flooding up to 48 hours in advance; wearable AI technology for athletes and five students who have excelled during their work placements.

Voting for the competition ends on May 15. 

To cast your vote, visit: www.lboro.ac.uk/enterprise/enterprise-awards

Follow the progress of the awards on Twitter using #LboroEnterpriseAwards

Categories and nominees:

Impact from research

Professor John Mardaljevic: Climate-based daylight modelling

Professor Gilberto Montibeller and Professor L. Alberto Franco: Managing bio-security threats

Ruth Welsh and James Lenard: Protecting cyclists by improving car safety technology

Professor Jo Aldridge: Transforming the lives of young carers and their families

One to watch

Professor Graham Hargrave and Dr Jonathan Wilson: ACCT - reducing harmful diesel emissions

Dr James Flint, Professor Neil Dixon and Dr Alister Smith: Community Slope SAFE

Dr Dapeng Yu, Professor Rob Wilby and Dr Mingfu Guan: Real-time flood nowcasting to support emergency responders

Professor Geoff Wilcox, Dr Mark Ashworth, Dr Xujin Bao: WHISKERMIT

Graduate enterprise

Incus Performance




Student placement

Becky Langley: Nottingham Forest Football Club Academy

Brett Friskney: Lubrizol

Charlotte Wise: American Express

Holly Kerslake: MTC

Beth Walker-Smith: Pirelli Burton