Triggered: Article 50, Brexit and the impact on local communities

The Newham Fabian Society in collaboration with the Institute for Media and Creative Industries hosted an event last night discussing Article 50, Brexit and the effect it will all have on the local community.

Panellists included:

The event began with each panellist giving their views and thoughts on Brexit and how it will effect Britain and East London. The stage was then opened out to the audience for comments and questions. Topics such as Trade, Immigration, and the public sector were discussed.

“The Newham Fabian society is celebrating twenty years this year and we have been very ambitious in remaking our society as a forum for political debates, dissent and policy discussions. The public sphere  as an area in social life where individuals could come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and influence political action has sadly been eroded over time and that is what we at the Newham Fabian Society are striving to create. This event marks the beginning of a series of difficult discussions and debates on the current political problems that we are facing in the United Kingdom today. 

Our discussion yesterday was on Brexit – a decision that has led to political turmoil, a receding left, economic instability, deterioration of living conditions and workers’ rights.  We in the Newham Fabian Society believe that we need to be talking about how these effects each and every one of our lives hence the focus of the debate was on the local and the individual. 

Loughborough University London and the Institute for Media and Creative Industries is a good venue to have these kinds of progressive discussions and as the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville pointed out, he welcomed these kinds of events in the borough and hopes we continue with the same vigour.”

Dr Rohit K Dasgupta, Lecturer for the Institute for Media and Creative Industries

To see the video from the event, visit our Facebook page.