Sport Industry NextGen Leaders visit the campus

Sports Industry NextGen Leaders recently visited the London campus as part of a package in developing leadership in Sports Business for growing leaders.

The session sought to promote the application of theoretical levels of leadership by applying them to leadership practice through discussions, teaching and learning from one another. A group of talented individuals came together to partake in a bespoke ‘Executive Leadership Workshop’, providing them with the opportunity to explore the philosophy of their own leadership whilst also equipping them with the strategies for informed and ambitious choices throughout their careers. The group were joined by influential voices throughout British sport and they worked alongside the Institute for Sport Business staff to explore the challenges and opportunities facing sports leaders of the future.

Influential attendees included the faculty’s Director of Sport Leadership, Steve Swanson; the Managing Director at Unforgiving Minute, Sam Whale; CEO of Sported, Chris Grant and Loughborough University London’s Director of Institute for Sport Business, James Skinner.

James Skinner also acts as a judge for NextGen and was impressed by the work of the group in attendance at the London campus. In a video about the event, James said that the event was important in trying to get attendees to “understand who they are as leaders and what shapes their leadership practice”.

He also said: "Through understanding this conceptual model of leadership that we’re talking about, they’ll walk away from this having a better understanding of who they are as individuals."

The workshop held at the Institute of Sports Business at Loughborough University London acted as just one of the Sport Industry Group’s events for the year, held as part of their ongoing Leadership Package working with the up-and-coming next generation leaders in sport.