Record numbers complete mock assessment centre exercise

357 students have completed part of their full employability profiling exercise, which tests their performance at a graduate recruitment assessment centre.

The exercise forms part of a full employability report, which records students' ability to complete a job application form, video interview, group presentation and group task. All of the tasks have been designed to mirror real graduate recruitment tools used by organisations across the UK and overseas.

Every student who took part in the mock assessment centre was monitored closely by a team of trained assessors, who utilised the ORCE methodology to ensure consistency and quality when reporting on each person's performance.

Orce Methodology


Each assessor watches and listens carefully for the duration of an exercise, in order to observe the verbal and non verbal behaviours of a student


During the task, the assessor writes detailed notes on everything the candidate says and does during the exercise, including body language, tone and volume.


On completion of the exercise, the assessor looks through the notes and identifies which verbal contributions and behaviours demonstrate competencies outlined on the assessment form.


The assessor will use the evidence collected to decide on a final score for each competency. The scores range from 4 (excellent demonstration for the competency) to 1 (unsatisfactory demonstration of the company).

The feedback provided to every student aims to be high quality, relevant, developmental and personalised. Once all of the employability profiling exercises have been completed, each student will receive a detailed report on their strengths and their weaknesses, and will be provided with simple ideas to help them progress and develop in future tasks of this nature.

Enterprise Through the Curriculum

'My Employability Profiling' is part of the integrated employability programme available to every student at Loughborough University London.

Enterprise Through the Curriculum is a pioneering personal development journey, offering unrivalled opportunities for students to widen their professional skills, interact with potential employers and deepen their work-related experiences.

Enterprise Through the Curriculum is an intrinsic element of every postgraduate programme at Loughborough University London and has been carefully designed to give students the best possible chance of securing their dream role. From employability profiling to live group projects set by a business or organisation, and from site visits to organisation-based dissertation opportunities, Loughborough University London is the first of its kind to develop a suite of activities and support that is positioned as the underpinning of every student’s experience.