Meaning Making: Users and Designers Persepectives Workshop

Our students are invited to attend a design workshop by Daniel Kraszewski, a Loughborough Design School PhD student.

Product meaning....What is it? Who owns it? Who makes it? How it is made? How do you manipulate it? All of these questions are vital for designers designing products but have you consciously thought how to answer them?

The Meaning Making workshop will assist you in generating your own answers to these questions. It will help you to build a base for the theoretical and practical understanding of product meaning for your future projects.

A PhD research student at the Loughborough Design School, Daniel Kraszewski is exploring meaning-driven innovation to create new product paradigms. His research explores ways how designers can innovate product meaning. Prior to becoming a research student he worked for Dyson in the main RDD centre as a Product Design Engineer. The role involved working on all aspects of the product development lifecycle from early concepts, developed for approval of Sir James Dyson, to finalising preproduction details.


Monday 8th February 2016, 10am-5pm


Loughborough University London, LL05

Please note that there are only 15 spaces available. Places are limited to Loughborough University London students. To register your interest in attending, please email Erik Bohemia.