Employer Presentation by Loughborough Alumus Working at Bloomberg

Jordan Fleary, a Loughborough University alumnus, came to Loughborough University London on Wednesday December 7th to provide a presentation about Entrepreneurs with a conscience, his career so far, and about Bloomberg and his role at their London office. He also highlighted the graduate opportunities that Bloomberg offer.

Jordan graduated from Loughborough University in 2009 with a BSc in Economics. He now works as part of the recruitment team for Bloomberg LP at their London office. He recruits some of the sales team members.


To begin, Jordan provided a comprehensive history of what Bloomberg has accomplished over the 35 years since it was established as Innovative Market Solutions (IMS). IMS began as an instant messaging service and a place to seek the price of stocks and bonds. Bloomberg now covers sectors such as finance, news and media, research and law. They have the worlds largest financial news organisation. Their news organisation does not actually make them any money. Tv, magazines, radio, apps, etc. Information to the market as soon as possible, if they didnt have the news organisation they have they would have to out source their reports, which takes time, money and cannot be independent as Bloomberg always seeks to be. Additionally, this news organisation is an excellent marketing tool.

Jordan also explained how at Bloomberg collaboration with other employees, whether they work in other disciplines, other teams or other countries, their ability to provide fast information is a reflection on their communication and collaboration with others.

Jordan Fleary

Jordan began his own enterprise straight after graduating where he developed poker paraphernalia. After this, he landed a role at a multi-lingual job board which he decided was not a role which suited him. He then went on to work for Teach First for two and a half years before moving to Bloomberg.

Jordan explained to the students and staff that determination, passion and enthusiasm are vital to any job role. He also highlighted how he sees the advantages to working first and then beginning your own enterprise later, despite his career pursuing the opposite path.