Techne Preparing for Placements - support to ensure you are working in a Racially just environment

Online workshop – on Zoom Platform


Are you interested in anti-racist organisations or currently undertaking research around racial justice? Do you want to learn more about how the fight for racial justice will shape your career?

Loughborough University London and Techne have been working with its student body to become anti-racist organisationsAs part of this work, we are now offering all Techne and Loughborough University London PhD students’ access to a training session to understand and work towards racial justice. This workshop is suitable for all students undertaking their PhD. Learning outcomes: 
-           To understand what Racial trauma is 
-           To identify the cognitive, emotional and physical challenges of working in the field of Racial justice 
-           To identify the impact of this work 
-           To understand how you can seek further support when and if needed 
-           To identify strategies to manage the challenges prior to your placement 
-           Students to identify support mechanisms they have found beneficial 
-           The purpose of the supervision sessions andhow they can best be utilised 
The training is being delivered by Orlene Badu an independent consultant working with Loughborough University London. 
The training will be delivered online on Zoom. 
Places are limited. To apply for a place on the workshop please complete the form on our website by June 30th 2023.
Apply for a place on the workshop