Professor Jo Tacchi Inaugural Lecture

LDN.1.04, Loughborough University London/Online

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About this event: Ethnographic (per)versions and social change

Professor Jo Tacchi was introduced to social anthropology and ethnography as a way of making sense of the world during her undergraduate degree in humanities. This led her to train in social anthropology at masters and doctoral levels. Over the past 25 years she has applied this way of thinking to all her research projects, in multiple geographic and social contexts and in collaboration with colleagues from many other disciplines.

In this lecture, Jo will reflect on her uses of ethnography for understanding social change. This has taken place in two main research areas. Firstly, for understanding the (changing) role of media and information and communication technologies in everyday life, especially in domestic spaces. Secondly for understanding the role of communication in social change in relation to international development. In the first research area it encompasses ethnographic studies of mundane aspects of everyday life and relationships in the UK and Australia. In relation to the second, it involves local, national and international development organisations across a range of settings, mostly in South Asia. Jo will share the principles underlying her applications of ethnography and explain how this way of thinking can highlight important and often overlooked aspects of social change.

For those attending in-person, refreshments will be available outside the lecture theatre from 4.30pm.

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