New Thinking in Urban Creative Industry Research: Social Justice, Urban Space and Cultural Production Prof Angela McRobbie

LDN 104

New Thinking in Urban Creative Industry Research

With Keynotes from: Prof Martina Loew, Dept of Sociology, Technische Universitat Berlin Prof Mark Banks Professor of Cultural Economy, (Theatre, Film and TV Studies) Glasgow University Dr Joy White, Dept of Applied Social Studies, University of Bedfordshire Prof Andrew Chitty University of Loughborough London Prof Graham Hitchens University of Loughborough London

The urgency of the post-pandemic times poses key questions for urban studies and for creative industry research. With ever widening social inequality, questions of access to space for living and for working have never been more pertinent. There is also a sense that the times of creative economy boosterism are now over. Changes in work and employment put new pressures especially on the freelance, creative sector. This afternoon seminar will focus on a range of questions: how does the politics of space in the 2020s impact on diverse urban populations? What new concepts and ideas can inform more equitable creative economy policies? How can the institutions of higher education facilitate community engagement? How do we assess the outcomes of previous flagship creative industry policies (eg the London fashion hubs)? What theoretical resources can be drawn upon to develop better understanding of social and urban processes? We have invited a number of academic experts as keynotes from various relevant fields to discuss their research as contemporary interventions in new knowledge production.