Global Fashion and Social Change

LDN 104, Hybrid. In person and Online

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How can both national governments and emerging young designers navigate the complexities of today’s global fashion industry characterized by challenges such as the climate crisis, supply chain disruptions, debates about supply chain labour and the exploitation of workforces across the world?

Following on from a series of seminars hosted over the last two years by the Critical Fashion Studies Seminar (Dr Jo Entwistle, Kings College, Prof Agnes Rocamora, London College of Fashion, Dr Jane Tynan, Free University, Amsterdam, and Prof Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths University of London) now, under the auspices of the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough University London Campus, we are hosting an afternoon event on Global Fashion and Social Change. The global fashion industry has been facing an escalating number of challenges.

The climate crisis has put fashion under the spotlight. There have also been debates about supply chain labour and the exploitation of workforces across the world. Emerging young designers face multiple challenges to fulfill all that is expected of them. At the same time national governments are keen to see the success of their own distinctive fashion sectors. We are inviting keynotes speakers across three panels, and special panel for ECRs, to address issues of their expertise in a 10-15 minute talk with time for questions. We hope also to have contributions with a view to publishing the proceedings in a relevant journal or magazine such as Sociological Review.

There is an online iteration of this event for those unable to attend in person. More details and registration down below.

Image credit: Pau Delgado Iglesias

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