Book launch — ‘Communicative Justice in the Pluriverse: An international Dialogue’

Loughborough University London and online

Book cover for Communicative Justice in the Pluriverse: An international Dialogue

With 8 case studies, the new book explores how communication can work to reproduce systemic injustice but can also work to promote justice.

Loughborough University London will host the launch of a new book, ‘Communicative Justice in the Pluriverse: An international Dialogue,’ edited by Joan Pedro-Carañana, Eliana Herrera-Huérfano, and Juana Ochoa Almanza, on September 27, 2023, from 2PM to 3.30 PM BST.

The event will be hosted in person and online — register now.

Using eight case studies, the book explores how communication can work to reproduce systemic injustice but can also work to promote justice. Following Arturo Escobar, the pluriverse is understood as “a world where many worlds fit.” In the face of the dominant conception of the world as a universe with a unique regime of truth, the pluriverse acknowledges the existence of multiple, interconnected “worlds and knowledges otherwise.’’

The book analyses how a variety of communicative justice experiences are involved in the struggles for including knowledges from different ontological and epistemic visions, thus expanding the understanding of the practices of being, knowing, and doing. Specifically, the book explores how communicative justice is related to the key dimensions of the pluriverse, namely, cognitive justice, environmental justice, socio-cultural and spiritual justice, socio-political justice, and political economy justice.

The book features contributions based on the experiences of resistance and transformation taking place in Japan, the United Kingdom and Spain that defy hegemonic models, as well as practices in Malawi, Ecuador, Bolivia, India, and broader South-South collaborations between Latin America and Africa that intend to extend the pluriverse and facilitate social change.

The book launch and discussion offer the opportunity to hear some of the authors, who will address the central aspect of their chapter, the concept of communicative justice, and the central role of communicative justice in the articulation (weaving) of dimensions of the pluriverse.

The dialogue will be guided by some key questions: What do the experiences studied in this book tell us about the need for communicative justice? What elements does this dimension include? How does communicative justice mediate or facilitate interrelations between other forms of pluriversal justice? Is it possible to think of communicative justice as a form to make crackers and fissures in the world system?

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