Ask a Student: Online Q&A Session with Students and Alumni


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Have some questions before you make your choice to study at Loughborough London?

We understand that choosing where to study your masters can be difficult. Join our students and alumni as they talk about their postgraduate experience at Loughborough London. You'll have the chance to ask questions and hear about some of the opportunities available to you.

Hear from some of our students

Niall Maggee

My name is Niall Magee. I am a current student at Loughborough University London enrolled in the MSc Risk, Governance & International Management program within the Institute for International Management (IIM). I am writing to you to offer some insight into life at LUL in hope that it will help you make the best decision on your future. 

Loughborough University London is full of innovative opportunities across multiple industries. I studied my undergraduate degree in my home country, Ireland, and moving from my small hometown to a global city was equally daunting as it was exciting. However, I have absolutely no regrets!

The support in the university is unparalleled. Loughborough ranks amongst the best for student support and satisfaction, and it is easy to see why. We have dedicated academic session/workshops relating to writing skills and dissertation structures, for example, to equip you with the best understanding to help you succeed in your studies. London also has a dedicated student-LED support network (the PSSN) and a professional Well-Being team. The former organizes events and trips on campus and around London to ensure you meet and bond with students across the university, not just in your respective institutes. The well-being team will be able to help with both personal and academic struggles if you need. This is in addition to a personal tutor allocated to you at the beginning of your studies who is there to offer support and guidance. 

I joined Loughborough University Londonand the IIM after studying politics at undergraduate level. I had no prior experience in business, yet the support from faculty and Loughborough University London staff has been exceptional. At the beginning of the course, I was asked to read a paper and provide a brief understanding to help the university identify if students would need extra support. This was very comforting and having received positive feedback on a paper that has provided a overarching view of my course, I had confidence I would be able to succeed in this program and achieve my goals. 

As I mentioned, Loughborough University London offers some incredible opportunities. The Future Space team use amazing connections here at Here East to hold networking events and workshops with local businesses to ensure your studies can be tailored to professional life and boost your career prospects. The Collaborate initiative is also something no other university boasts of in the UK. The project (an optional module) allows you and your classmates to spend weeks working with a company to help them establish a new strategy or overcome organizational problems using the skills you have gained in your studies. The Collaborative Dissertation allows you to partner with an organization through your own search or one provided by Loughborough University London. Over the summer months you will work with this company, using their resources to publish research to help them with their business strategy. In my case, I am working with a local firm to help them identify supply chain opportunities for their clients. Both the project and dissertation have helped me improve my professional skills and provided me with unique career opportunities I intend to pursue after the completion of my MSc! 

Jo Desai

My name is Jo and I am from India. Currently I am doing my MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Finance at Loughborough University London. My main focus to choose Loughborough London for my course is because it is one of the few universities in the UK to provide a course that combines all 3 streams. Being a part of the London campus was a no brainer as it is the hub for creativity, innovation and finance and it was the right choice for me to jumpstart my career.

One of the best parts about Loughborough University London is the diversity in the student body. We are a part of a very international community where everyone is recognized and respected in all aspects. We celebrate each other with so many events whether its international Day or Chinese New Year. The university has created an open ground for having a diverse and multi-cultural social circle which is crucial in today’s times.

On to the academic side, all our professors are the best of the best and highly experienced in their fields. The best part about each module is that we have guest lecturers who give us insight into real world experiences and this becomes a way for us to network and possibly gain employment with them. These experiences has given me so much confidence that I can boost my career with all the tools given to me by my professors, the Careers team, Future Space and of course my peers.

A masters is definitely different from undergrad and moving to a new country during the pandemic was a big change for me. I have loved every moment of my experience at Loughborough University London and would not trade it for anything else. I have made friends for life and have the best professors I could ask for. 

Mazhar Gadiwala

When I joined Loughborough University London (LUL), I had one aim only – to be successful in making a name for myself by getting into the sports industry. For me, LUL was the only choice given its #1 ranking for multiple years running for sports-related subjects. Loughborough has the reputation of creating elite athletes so there was no doubt in my mind that I joined the right university. The reason I chose the London campus over the midlands one was because of the networking opportunities in the capital. It is the Mecca of sports and home to some of the biggest Premier League football clubs as well as Lord’s and the Oval. 

Over and above this, Loughborough University London has collaborated with the likes of West Ham United, EY, Formula E, BT Sport and many more organisations to provide students with opportunities to do internships, dissertations and/or projects with. I have been fortunate enough to do my dissertation with Chelsea FC. 

What makes Loughborough University London unique is the support for its students. The Hackathons, Digital Skills programme, Monday Mentoring, and workshops help prepare students for the real world. The Mock Assessment Centre is as close to the real job assessment centres as well, which is truly an enriching experience. 

My experience as an international student has been unbelievable. The diversity of Loughborough London is unmatched, and it is a place where you can feel at ease because you will end up meeting likeminded people who share your passions. 

Loughborough University London has taught me a lot about the importance of collaboration and networking. Never be afraid to ask questions and approach people as it can benefit you in multiple ways. 

The university has been the perfect launchpad for my career as I enter the sports industry with an MSc in Sport Business and Leadership, a dissertation with Chelsea FC, and a job as an Account Lead for one of India’s leading sports consulting and marketing agencies, not to forget an incredible network of friends and future leaders.