Siena Morgan

Analyzing the efficacy of the NCAA using the ecosystem model

Siena Morgan is doctoral researcher in the Institute for Sport Business and a sport administrator out of the United States with a passion for sport governance and policy.

Siena received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Norwich University (VT), and her Master of Arts in Sport and Athletic Administration from Gonzaga University. It was during her Master's programme that she developed a passion for research and Collegiate sport governance. Her previous research focused on the intersection of collegiate anti-doping policy and WADA code through the perspective of coaches. 

PhD research description

Siena is analysing the efficacy and current state of the NCAA using the ecosystem model. Previous literature delves deeply into organizational analysis, legal analysis, and overall criticism, however, no study has looked at the organization as a whole. The NCAA is unique in its nature because of governmental decisions, as well as the multiple levels of governance (i.e., Division I, II, and III). Because of these unique characteristics/dynamics, it is necessary to analyse the state of the entire unit, best achieved using the ecosystem model. Current events, legal cases and media forces have created a pivotal point at which corruption, pay-for-play, amateurism and commercialism must be analysed, addressed, and if necessary, reformed.

The ecosystem model will allow for the exposure of any weaknesses or issues that can hopefully be addressed, as well as enforce strengths or pillars of the collegiate model. Given as well that collegiate sport governance is expanding globally, this research will allow for other organizations to benefit moving forward. 

PhD supervisors

Siena's PhD is supervised by Dr Emily Hayday and Professor Aaron Smith

Papers, publications and articles

Perceptions of Anti-Doping policy among collegiate coaches; Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, Vol 33, 2018

Interests and activities

Siena enjoys anything outdoors with her dog, and competitive ballroom dancing.

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