Sangeeta Menon

(Re)constructing from the margins: The role of alternative media in building the narrative and memory of social movements.

Sangeeta is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. Her research interests include journalism, media studies, grassroots movements, communicative justice, and communication for social justice and change.

Sangeeta completed her MA and M.Phil in English from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, and BA in English from Bombay University; she also holds a bachelor's in communication and journalism from Pune University.  Sangeeta started her career as a journalist and has worked in the corporate sector in various marketing and communications roles. Before starting her PhD in 2022, she spent a few years in the Indian development sector, where she co-founded an NGO and volunteered with a few non-profits.

PhD research description

Sangeeta's research aims to examine how alternative media engage with the mission of recording the struggles and movements of groups that have been historically relegated to the periphery of mainstream media and public discourse. Situated within the context of recent social movements in India, the research will investigate the role of alternative media as sites of resistance, counter-hegemonic narrative building and memory making. The research will delve into the strategies and practices of these media to understand how they negotiate narrative building and memory making from the margins. It will explore what constitutes ‘alternativeness,’ interrogate Western ideas of universality in media and journalism, and foreground knowledge from movements and media in the Global South.

PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Sangeeta’s research is funded by Techne, an AHRC doctoral training partnership.