Rittika Dasgupta

Art Activism in India : A narrative of communication and dissent

Rittika is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. With a background in South Asian studies, she is interested in art, politics and south asian languages.

Rittika holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata where she secured the first place for three consecutive years and received the University gold medal. Rittika was also awarded a full scholarship for her MA degree in South Asian studies from SOAS, University of London. In addition to this, Rittika is currently working for charity based in south-west London where she coaches young people with disabilities to transition from college into their workplace. 

PhD research description

Rittika's research project explores art activism in India and how it leads to social change.

PhD supervisors

Rittika is supervised by Professor Jo Tacchi and Professor Thomas Tufte.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

In 2015, Rittika won the Bimal Bhushan Dutta Memorial Award for securing first place in first year BA(Hons) examination from Jadavpur University. Followed in 2016 with the Indubhushan Putatunda Memorial Award for securing first place in second year BA(Hons) examination from Jadavpur University.

In 2017 Rittika recieved the Bishwa Bangla Scholarship to pursue MA from SOAS University of London University. Additionally, Rittika was awarded a Gold Medal and certificate from Jadavpur University for standing first in order of merit in BA(Hons) examinations for Comparative Literature.

In 2019 Rittika received a Studentship from Loughborough University London to pursue a PhD.