Maylin Stanic

Former athlete, current leader - which acquired traits make female athletes successful in leadership positions in the professional business service sector?

Maylin is a doctoral researcher affiliated with the Institute for Sport Business and is originally from Berlin, Germany. With an academic background in human resource management and management, she aims to combine her knowledge in her research with her passion for sport as a former competitive athlete.

Maylin Stanic obtained a BSc in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. After a semester abroad in Shanghai, China, she continued her studies in Rotterdam with a double degree in Management, where she obtained an MSc in Human Resource Management and an MSc in International Management from the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy.

During her time in Rotterdam, Maylin has worked as a research assistant for the Erasmus Centre for HR Excellence and worked on the i-wire project jointly with Dr Bas Koene. The project investigated independent workers and industrial relations in Europe, involving research teams from different European countries. After her studies, Maylin went back to Berlin to start working as a Change Management consultant.

PhD research description

Kevin Roberts, chairman and CEO of Saatchi Worldwide, stated once: ‘don’t look to great companies for inspiration. Instead look to the world’s greatest sport teams. Sport is the most relevant model for peak performance in business. Sport is about teamwork, inclusion and empowerment. It’s about passion, fun, excitement, making magic, winning and being part of a dream’.

This attitude towards sport in a business context is not only promoted my business man Roberts but will also be of high interest in Maylin’s research topic. Many scholars already argued that the sport frame can be used to look at business contexts to deal with their dynamics. With that, sport can be utilized as a unique metaphor to constructively and innovatively examine business settings. The business setting in this proposed research will be strongly related to leadership. Maylin Stanic believes that unifying sport and business leadership could generate valuable insights relevant for most businesses. Due to that the proposed research project will highlight how athletes can leverage and translate the insights obtained as part of a professional sporting career to leadership positions off the field.

PhD supervisors

Maylin will be supervised by Dr Steve Swanson and Professor James Skinner.

Papers, publications and articles

Maylin is a contributor to the book Conclusions: perspectives on self-employment in Europe. In The Challenges of Self-Employment in Europe (Lodovici, Pichault & Semenza, 2019) published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

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