Ijeoma Ogiemwonyi

Advertising as the third-party cookie crumbles: A theoretical investigation and validation of big data as defacto data brokers in data markets.

Ijeoma is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Digital Technologies at Loughborough University London. Her research proposes a market model where data users procure personal data from data owners via a privacy secure marketplace as a replacement to the third-party cookie.

Ijeoma has a MSc in Digital Marketing, also highly experienced in Graphic Design and in driving business growth through the strategic development of digital channels. Her expertise includes conducting quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis and interpretation, content creation for digital platforms, and project design and management.

She enjoys developing new ideas and coming up with practical solutions to everyday issues that we are plagued by and takes pride in being a strong (and fun to work with) team player, who collaborates with internal and external teams to achieve set objectives. Her colleagues would describe her as being very driven, competitive and resourceful who always maintains a positive and proactive outlook when faced with difficulty. Ijeoma's belief is that diversity is less about where someone is born or what their background is, and more about how a group of very different people come together as one to learn, teach and communicate with one another with the utmost respect.

PhD research description

As the value of personal data becomes more widely recognised, so does the desire to reward the users for the use of their personal information. Ijeoma's research proposes a market model where data users procure personal data from data owners via a privacy secure marketplace. This model which proposes big tech as defacto data brokers acting as market managers between the data owners and data buyers is a first of its kind which aims to propose these databases as an alternative to utilizing third-party cookies which has been weakened in recent times by big tech companies such as Google, Firefox and Safari phasing them out; A move which has weakened the viability of third-party cookies which many publishers rely on to carry out programmatic advertising.

PhD supervisors

Ijeoma is currently being supervised by Dr Jie Meng.

Interests and activities

Ijeoma's Portfolio - https://ijeomao.myportfolio.com/work

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