Glauber Guedes Ferreira de Lima

Cultural Policy, Museums and Urban Revitalisation: The cultural citizenship and political uses of difference in Brazil

Glauber de Lima is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. His research discusses the Brazilian Cultural Policy that involves museums and politics of difference through urban revitalization policies. He is interested in how culture has been used as a resource for political and economic ends.

Glauber has a bachelor's in history from the Federal University of Pernambuco. And, he has a master's degree in Social History from the University of Brasília. Currently, he is a Lecturer in Museology at Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. 

PhD research description

My research addresses the political uses of difference through museums by projects of urban revitalisation in two Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro and Recife. In a great extent, it engages with cultural studies, urban anthropology and political theory. I'm interested in how this cultural policy manages cultural identities to legitimise these initiatives since it claims to produce inclusion, recognition, and economic development. I argue that it implies the contradictions and strategies of liberal multiculturalism which has influenced Brazilian democracy since the last decades. Thus, I aim to discuss its outcomes taking into central account enunciates, practices, and political effects. 

PhD supervisors

Thomas Tufte and Burçe Celik

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Santander Mobility Awards